Revisions to Racism in Books

I'm keeping a list of books in which racist or stereotypical imagery was revised.* The list here is not limited to Native content/revisions. 
Note on Jan 31, 2019: The list now includes books that were withdrawn. 

We are rarely told why these books were changed, and we're rarely told when the change itself is made or who made it. Some changes are superficial, really, because the ideology of the book (writer?) is still there, beneath the words that get changed. Some changes--like the ones in picture books--are significant. All of them are, nonetheless, important to know about. Some use the word "bowdlerize" to refer to these changes. The word means to change a book by removing or modifying the parts that could offend people. 

*This list originated as a post on November 18, 2015. I (Debbie) am adding it to AICL's menu bar on June 5, 2016.

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mclicious said...

This is such a good list to have on hand. Thanks for keeping it updated.