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Are you looking for best books by or about American Indians? First Nations?

Below are links to posts on American Indians in Children's Literature and elsewhere that'll help you find ones selected by Native people (me, and other Native people, including members of the American Indian Library Association! This page will be updated, so come back and visit again!

2018: Graphic Novels by Native Writers

2017: AICL's Best Books of 2017
2016: AICL's Best Books of 2016
2015: AICL's Best Books of 2015
2014: AICL's Best Books of 2014

2013: Best Books for Elementary School
2013: Best Books for Middle School
2013: Best Books for High School

2011: Best Board Books

2010: Best Books for Elementary School
2010: Best Books for Middle School
2010: Best Books for High School

2007: Encyclopedic Resources for Research Projects


Here's a list that has lots and lots of gems. In library land, an older publication year often means a book is automatically considered to be "outdated." Thing is, the older books on this list are far superior to new fangled books published today that stereotype and misrepresent Native people. Don't be afraid of older publication years on this list!

2006: Recommended Children's/YA/Reference/Resources 


And did you know the American Indian Library Association has a book award? See what the book committee has selected for distinction:

American Indian Library Association Youth Literature Award


Early in 2014, Betsy Bird of School Library Journal  published a list of "Top 100 Books by Indigenous Masters" that I helped compile. It is a mix of writers who write for children and adults.

Top Books by 100 Indigenous Masters


This page is AICL's gallery of Native writers and illustrators. These are the people that create the very best books!

2014: Gallery of Native Writers and Illustrators


And this page makes me smile. It is AICL's page at Pinterest.

American Indians in Children's Literature at Pinterest


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This is a great resource, especially for us homeschool families! Thank you!

Orie Sheldon said...

As a homeschooling family we want to teach our daughter the truth about thanksgiving as well as the truth about history in general abd these are some great resources as well as a very informative article. Thank you so much