"Not Recommended" books

From time to time we receive a request for a list of books that we do not recommend. We tried to compile an annual list a few times (here's one for 2015) but it takes a great deal of time to do so and we no longer do them. 

To find items we do not recommend, you could scroll down the list of "LABELS" (see right-hand column of site) till you get to the "Not Recommended" one. Here's a screen capture of it. I've put a red arrow on the screen capture, pointing to the label. 

Click on that label and you'll be given a page of all the posts where we put a "Not Recommended" label on the post. We encourage you to read the post so that you are fully informed as to why we do not recommend a book. Book lists are handy but they don't help you become more knowledgeable yourself. Our goal at AICL is to help you become better able to select and deselect books with Native content. 

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