Tuesday, January 02, 2024

New in 2024: Books by Native writers and illustrators

Last year (on Twitter) I did a thread of books by Native writers and illustrators slated for release in 2023. I'm going to do that list here. IMPORTANT: I have not read these books yet! If I do you'll find a review post later in 2024, and/or they may show up on our end-of-year list. 

They're not in any particular order. I could arrange the list by release date or alphabetically but the point is just to show you what's coming in 2024. I'll add to the post when I see covers. At this moment I see some titles but no covers yet, and I want you to see covers! 

One more note of importance: I wish publishers would include names of Native illustrators on fiction book covers! That's not the standard (typically, only the author's name is shown on the cover) but I think it should be there! And if there's a Native language in the book, the translator's name should be on the cover, too. 

If you know of a book to add here, let me know! 
Last update: Jun 22, 2024.