Friday, November 24, 2017

AICL's Best Books of 2017

I'm starting AICL's "Best Books of 2017" today--November 24--and will update it as we read other books published in 2017.

Please share this page with teachers, librarians, parents--anyone, really--who is interested in books about Native peoples. As we come across additional books published in 2017, we will add them to this list. If you know of ones we might want to consider, please let us know!


Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Nicholson, Hope. (Ed.) (2017). Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, Volume 2. Alternative History Comics, Canada.
  • Robertson, David. (2017). Will I See? Portage and Main Press. Canada.
  • Storm, Jen. (2017). Fire Starters. Highwater Press. Canada.
  • Vermette, Katherena. (2017). A Girl Called Echo. HighWater Press. Canada. 
Board Books
  • Flett, Julie. (2017). Black Bear, Red Fox: Colours in Cree. Native Explore. Canada.
Picture Books
  • Campbell, Nicola. (2017). A Day with Yayah, illustrated by Julie Flett. Tradewind Books. Canada. 
  • Nicholson, Caitlin Dale and Leona Morin-Neilson. (2017). nipêhon/I Wait. House of Anansi Press. United States.
  • Ortiz, Simon J. (2017). The People Shall Continue, illustrated by Sharol Graves. Lee and Low. U.S.
  • Robertson, Joanne. (2017). The Water WalkerSecond Story Press. Canada.
  • Smith, Monique Gray. (2017). You Hold Me Up, illustrated by Danielle Daniel. Orca. Canada.
  • Vandever, Daniel W. (2017). Fall in Line, Holden! Salina Books. U.S.
For Middle Grades
  • Tingle, Tim. (2017). "Choctaw Bigfoot, Midnight in the Mountains." in Flying Lessons and Other Stories. Random House. U.S.
For High School 
  • Charleyboy, Lisa and Mary Beth Leatherdale. (2017). #NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American. Annick Press. Canada.
  • Dimaline, Cherie. (2017). The Marrow Thieves. Dancing Cat Books. Canada. 
  • Rendon, Marcie. (2017). Murder on the Red River. Cinco Puntos Press. U.S.
  • Robertson, David. (2017). Strangers. HighWater Press. Canada. 


Picture Books
For Middle Grades


Unknown said...

Do you recommend, SPEAKING OUR TRUTH by Monique Gray Smith? Native author with three starred reviews? An oversight?

NB said...

It is focused on Canada. I think if you are teaching in Canada it is a good buy, but not much in the book about US tribes.

Erika said...

This might be unique to where I live--the reservation I'm nearby actually straddles the Canadian border--but I did just have a teacher here comment that Speaking Our Truth was helpful to some of her students in talking about experiences that are shared or analogous between the First Nations in Canada and here, as if the slight geographical remove made some subjects a little bit "safer."