Sunday, February 07, 2016

Richard Van Camp and Julie Flett on winning the American Indian Library Association's 2016 Picture Book Award

I asked Richard Van Camp and Julie Flett for a response to the news that their exquisite board book, Little You, had won the 2016 Picture Book Award from the American Indian Library Association.

Richard said:
 "I've always wanted to work with Julie Flett so I'm honoured to receive this high honor with her and our team at Orca Books!"

Julie said:
It's really exciting to hear that Little You is being honored along with the other books listed. Wow, thank you, committee!"

Congratulations to both of you, Richard and Julie! 

Several books by Richard Van Camp and Julie Flett are amongst AICL's Best Books lists, so do click on over there and see what else they've done.

I hope they work together on additional books!

Before hitting the upload button for this post, I want to point readers to another huge plus for Little You. At Orca's blog, I learned that is available in South Slavey, Bush Cree, and Chipewyan:


Beverly Slapin said...

Thank you for posting this, Debbie. GREAT CONGRATULATIONS, Richard and Julie! And Orca Publishers, publishing these books in three indigenous languages as well as English is what conscious representation is all about! Love it!

Anne Sibley O'Brien said...

This beautiful, universal book is a perfect new baby gift for all families. I buy several at a time so I always have it on hand.

Gave it to my grandson at birth, and at 18-mos it was one of his favorite books.