Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Debby Slier's LOVING ME

Debby Slier's Loving Me is a delightful board book! Published in 2013 by Star Bright Books, it is definitely one I'll be recommending!

Here's the cover:

The very last page in the book tells us the woman and baby on the cover are Shoshone Bannock. Indeed, with that page we learn that the other photographs in the book are of children and family members who are Lakota Sioux, Navajo, Iroquois, and Potawatomi.

On the first page, we see a mom and baby. The text is "My mother loves me." That pattern is repeated over the rest of the book. A dad, a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, a grandma, a grandpa, and a great grandma... embracing a child. They're clad in a range of clothing, from jeans and t-shirts to traditional clothing, but all of it in the day-to-day life of the individuals being shown. Slier's photo essay is a terrific mirror for Native kids, and, it'll help children and adults who aren't Native see us as in the fullness of our lives as Native people.

I heartily recommend Slier's Loving Me, published by Star Bright Books.


Ami said...

Just looked it up to make an order card, and it is also available in...Navajo? Doesn't say, and I'm not familiar enough to tell. I'd like to order that one, so if someone can identify the language I'd appreciate it! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/loving-me-debby-slier/1121914122?ean=9781595727251

Ami said...

Ooh, and look at this one! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cradle-me-debby-slier/1121914118?ean=9781595727213

Debbie Reese said...

Yes, that is Navajo.

And yes! Cradle Me is terrific, too.

Ami said...

Thanks, Debbie! Order cards made...