Monday, January 26, 2009




I'm halfway through, laughing out loud in some parts. Is this a comedy?! A bad one, if that!!! It is stunning in its ludicrous dialogue and gratuitously bloody scenes.

I'm making notes on the parts about the Quileute's and the "treaty" between the vampires and the Quileute's --- there's interesting things to note about that, but my gosh!!! It is so..... STUPID.

Stop reading this if you're worried about spoilers.

During the birth, Bella vomits a fountain of blood. Jacob's nickname for the "little monster" is Nessie. Bella is furious that he nicknamed her after the Loch Ness Monster.

I am so glad I did not pay full price for this book. It's a joke! I know her readers were disappointed. I'll have to see why once I finish the book.


k8 said...

Hmmm...maybe that is the way to approach these books, as humor.

You're more courageous than I am. I can't bring myself to read it. I just can't.

Debbie Reese said...

I blogged in a moment of extreme disbelief. I should NOT be so flip about the book. I've read concerns about the abusive relationship between Bella and Edward. I definitely agree with those concerns, and I shouldn't make light of the book.

k8 said...

Yeah, that part of the books really really worries me, especially when I hear teenage girls and even middle-aged women going on and on about how "romantic" it is. I had the misfortune of seeing a facebook conversation between my niece and a cousin's daughter in which the cousin's daughter was telling my niece how "amazing" these books are. I'm still debating whether I should ask my cousin (who years ago left an abusive marriage) if she has read these books her daughter thinks are so wonderful. I can't imagine that my cousin would find it all that romantic.

I understand the flippancy, though. There are times when I am reading something so horrible that I start laughing, even though it isn't really funny. It just seems so absurd to me.

Anonymous said...

ugh!! you peaple are soo irritating! if thats the way you feel about the book DON'T READ IT!!! And please dont post ridiculous comments. and if thats the way you feel about the book then you really didn't get anything in it!

K said...

Thank you for reading and writing about these books. I enjoyed reading them immensely. (As Abraham Lincoln said (approximately), "For people who like that sort of thing, this is just the sort of thing that they will like.") I enjoyed reading them in spite of the fact that they are poorly written, patriarchal, unhealthy-relationship-promoting, gender-role-affirming, myth-of-the-noble-savage-perpetuating fantasies for the immature mind. (I guess I have an immature mind, in spite of 37 years and a master's degree.) If I were all-powerful, I would make it so that everyone who reads these books would understand that. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy them. Just recognize them for what they are.

Of course, if I were all-powerful I would actually pay more attention to more important things.

Again, thank you for helping me work through the cognitive dissonance. I hope you'll keep writing about this series.

Anonymous said...

Don't finish it!
I apologized to my brain for about a week after I finished reading it.

I like to pretend that the Volturi managed to kill everybody except for Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Edward is injured and sacrifices his life so that Bella can be mortal again. She cries a little, runs away for about a year, and then comes back home and marries Jacob and loves life.

Also, Anon., your comment makes me giggle, especially your logic. If the comment section is so irritating, "DON'T READ IT!!!"

Kale said...

It was pretty bad. The vomiting fountain of blood confused me. I admit, I kept rereading that section because I didn't get it.... then, ah-ha, I noticed that she'd been drinking blood. So, really, she just vomited what was in her stomach. And vomiting in the first stages of labor is, technically, accurate.

But there is so much ELSE wrong.

And for those individuals who keep posting and posting and posting on all of these reviews "if you don't like it, don't read it"... seriously, you do know that people review books, right?? And not everything they say is nice. Holy cow. Why is Twilight so sacrosanct??