Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Search terms

Nothing substantive today, just offering you a glimpse of search terms by which people found the blog as of 11:30 today. The software that generates the list doesn't use upper case letters.

  1. creation story myths children's literature
  2. touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen
  3. native blogs
  4. pre-school indians themes
  5. thanksgiving indian plays
  6. pattern for native american moccasins
  7. thanksgiving truth for kids
  8. thanksgiving offensive?
  9. children's literature math double addition
  10. "pourquoi tales" kids
  11. pourquoi stories about wolves
  12. thanksgiving and indians
  13. jimmy durham totem
  14. sequoyah rumford
  15. american indians children's reese
  16. children story of american indian named squanto
  17. thanksgiving images with native indians
  18. text about american indian a long time ago
  19. novel spirit bear banishment
  20. interior salish culture websites for kids
  21. cherokee indian lessons
  22. american indians and thanksgiving
  23. kindergarten story of the mayflower
  24. native american story first thanksgiving children
  25. critical analysis indian in the cupboard
  26. how indians feel about thanksgiving
  27. thanksgiving fact or fiction
  28. how did the pilgrims get to the u.s.a.
  29. preschool kiddie poems
  30. "jimmy durham" "columbus day"
  31. a coyote columbus story analysis
  32. kindergarten math lesson plans for thanksgiving
  33. touching spirit bear ben mikaelsen essay
  34. pilgrims and indians; similarities and differences
  35. children of the longhouse summary
  36. thanksgiving whitewash
  37. thanksgiving projects hard indian costumes
  38. how did indians affect the little house on the prairie
  39. coyote columbus
  40. "a coyote columbus story" criticism
  41. indian in the cupboard lesson plans
  42. american tribes for kid study
  43. children of the longhouse summary

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