Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Board Books

There are four additional board books by Beverly Blacksheep! They are Baby Learns about Weather, Baby Learns about Time, Baby Learns about Senses, and Baby Learns about Seasons. Oyate carries all eight titles. To order, call 510-848-6700 or email:

You can see some of Beverly Blacksheep's art here:


Anonymous said...

Is there a further description of what these particular books are about. I am going to have my first baby here in December and would like to start a collection of books about our native cultures more than the mainstream stuff out there.


Debbie Reese said...


The board books I wrote about in this post are the kinds of books that are used to teach children words for colors, numbers, senses, seasons. The fancy word used for this kind of book is a "concept book." For example, in a book about colors, one page would have the word RED and then illustrations of items that are red. Or, a number 3 and then three items on that page for the child to count.

The difference in the board books I am recommending is that they are written/illustrated/published by American Indian people, and they use American Indian languages (Dine and Ojibwe).