Mexican American Studies

In January of 2012, AICL began a series of posts about the shut-down of the Mexican American Studies program in the Tucson Unified School District. To see a comprehensive list of those posts, click on AICL's Coverage of the Shut-Down of TUSD's Mexican American Studies Program.

I covered it because I am committed to children's literature that focuses on Indigenous peoples.

Literature taught in the MAS program in Tucson included works by many Mexican American and Native American writers.

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Mark Roest said...

Thank you very much. It would be good to work as a movement across cultures to make these books and the values being taught and the mutual support systems part of our daily lives. It can build a foundation for a peaceful paradigm shift, including carefully choosing what is worth keeping and what is negative in the material, consumer culture that fills the media, and learning to meet most of our daily needs by what we grown and make in each community.