Native Writers, Illustrators, Scholars, Activists... on Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account? Do you follow or want to follow Native writers, illustrators, scholars and activists?

Here's a list of people I follow! Some tweet a lot, some a little. Some tweet about books, some tweet about their nations, and some tweet about a wide range of topics.

The list started out as a list of Native writers or illustrators whose work has been discussed on AICL. It has evolved over time.  Reading the words of Native writers--regardless of what they write--can be of enormous help in understanding what Native people care about. There's a lot to learn from their fiction, prose, poetry, and their research articles, but from their tweets, too. I learn from them, and you can, too. Please help me build this list by adding names and account info in the comments.


Sherman Alexie
See Open Letter re Alexie

Fancy Bebamikawe

Shonto Begay

Roy Boney

Trevino Brings Plenty

Joseph Bruchac

Margaret Bruchac

Nicola I. Campbell

Ian Campeau

Lisa Charleyboy

Allison Hedge Coke

Aylan Couchie

Art Coulson

Natalie Diaz

Marilyn Dumont

Jenny Kay Dupuis

Alicia Elliott

Lisa J. Ellwood

Heid Erdrich

Julie Flett

Lee Francis

Adam Gaudry

Dallas Goldtooth

Julia Good Fox

Joy Harjo

(Host varies by week)

Robert Jago

Daniel Heath Justice

Jacqueline Keeler

Adrienne Keene

Hayden King

Mari Kurisato

Bojan Louis

Lee Maracle

Janet McAdams

Ryan McMahon

Tiffany Midge

Simon Moya-Smith

Chrissi Ross Nimmo

Kathryn NicDhana

Aaron Paquette

Marcie Rendon

Cutcha Risling Baldy

Rebecca Roanhorse

David A. Robertson

Linda Rodriguez

Vincent Shilling

Loralee Sepsey

Kim Shuck

Monique Gray Smith

Cynthia Leitich Smith

Arigon Starr

Vincent Shilling

Traci Sorell

Kara Stewart

Kim TallBear

Drew Hayden Taylor

Tim Tingle

Anton Treuer

Mark Trahant

Zoe S. Todd

Eve Tuck

Richard Van Camp

Chelsea Vowell

Richard Wagamese

Taté Walker

Elissa Washuta

Jesse Wente

Jordan Wheeler

Kimberly Wieser

Daniel Wilson

Tanaya Winder

Erika Wurth

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