Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Debbie Reese and Zetta Elliott at ACL 2016 Association of Children's Librarians

On Friday, June 4th, Zetta Elliott and I were in San Francisco for the 2016 Association of Children's Librarians of northern California's annual institute. If you're on twitter you can find some of the gems from the daylong conference using the hashtag #ACLInst2016. Our remarks were taped. Here they are:

Here's Zetta's opening remarks:

And then, Zetta and I sat down for a brief conversation:

And last, I was part of a panel, moderated by Nina Lindsay. Here it is:

Thank you, Meredith Steiner, for inviting me to spend the day with you! At various times during the day, people I was talking with said that the information and conversations were better than what they've had opportunities to partake of, before. I heard "depth of thinking and interaction" that I think marks the entire day. We weren't celebrating kids books or writers. We weren't shying away from hard questions, either. If anyone who was there (or who watches the videos) wants to talk more about anything, please let me know!

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Dhonielle Clayton said...

This was SO great. I wish I'd been there in the audience. Also, Debbie, I've never heard your voice, which is the strangest thing since we've been corresponding for so long. It's so lovely. :-) I can't wait for us to finally meet.