Thursday, September 17, 2015

Julie Flett Depicts Debbie Reese in TEACHING TOLERANCE

Some weeks ago, Dave Constantin at Teaching Tolerance got in touch with me for an article that came out yesterday: Rewriting History--For the Better. They wanted art for the article and got in touch with Julie Flett, who read it and wrote to me with an idea.

She wanted to show someone reading to children, and thought she'd like to show ME reading to children. I was speechless. And of course, I was thrilled! I love her work.

Julie asked me for photos of me reading to kids. The only photo I have is one of me reading to our daughter when she was a baby. Here's that photo (if you're wondering about the book, we're looking at illustrations in a children's literature textbook).

I sent her more recent photos, too. As we exchanged email about the art she was working on, she asked about a book that I'd like to be reading in the art, and I chose Simon Ortiz's The People Shall Continue. Permissions to use that worked out beautifully. Here's a screenshot of a portion of the article, and Julie's illustration of me:

I'm humbled, and delighted, and excited... a flood of emotions are racing through me! Thank you, Julie! This is a gift that I'll treasure always.

I've written about Julie's work several times and am pleased as can be to be in her portfolio.

Read the article in Teaching Tolerance, and order Julie's books for your home, classroom or library collection:


Liz said...

Images are so powerful! I'm so happy you were honored by representation and I think the illustration is lovely!!! PHotographs are great too but there is something about the thought of an artist drawing you with intent that really tops it.

K T Horning said...

This is amazing! Thanks for the backstory, Debbie. I love the painting. I especially love the little boy who's standing up in the story hour. I love it when little kids react to a story or art with their entire bodies. He is so engaged.

Beverly Slapin said...

Julie Flett's lovely image perfectly captures all that you are and all that you do. What an honor! Congratulations, Debbie!