Saturday, February 21, 2015

Books Not Yet Read/Reviewed at AICL

With this post, I'm pointing to a list of books I started on Google Drive. It is an effort to keep track of all that is out there, by Native and non-Native writers and illustrators. The list has columns for author(s), author's Native Nation, illustrator(s), illustrator's Native Nation, book title, publisher, year of publication, and date added to list. The far right column is where I'll add the date if/when the book is reviewed here at AICL.

You'll probably look at it and be surprised that, for example, there is no review at AICL of Bruchac's Children of the Longhouse. The reality? Not enough time to read everything and write it up.

These are books that have 1) not been received at AICL, or that 2) have not been reviewed at AICL. Please read over the list. If you know of a book(s) I should add there, please let me know. Here's the link:

Books Not Yet Read/Reviewed at American Indians in Children's Literature

If you download the list for your own purposes, please credit me (Debbie Reese) for your use of the list. If you are interested in helping me build the list, let me know (dreese dot nambe at gmail dot com)! It is a huge undertaking and I'd love some help.

Sources for the list include, but are not limited to, the CCBC, Goodminds, Oyate, Birchbark Books, and all the librarians, teachers, parents, students, and professors who write to me to ask about a book.


Anonymous said...

A book to add- Carving the Sea Path by Kathryn White and Evelyne Duverne

Kara Stewart said...

Another book to add: Annie and the Old One by Patricia Miles Martin. This is an older book, a 1972 Newbery Honor winner. It is still being used in schools today, although I don't have a copy myself. The other thing we could do is to cross check your list of books to review with our NC SACIE Committee list of not recommended books to see if we have reviewed any on your list if that would help ease the load. pdf here:

This needs to be a full time paying job!

Take care,