Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Native American Zodiac"

Twice within the last few weeks, people have written to ask me about the "Native American Zodiac" that is popping up on social media. Here's the graphic that is circulating:

Obviously, I've drawn a red X over the graphic to provide a visual comment on the "Native American Zodiac." If you're a regular reader of American Indians in Children's Literature, you know that there is no such thing as a "Native American" tribe.

"Native American" and "American Indian" are broad terms for the Indigenous peoples of the United States. Within those terms are hundreds of different Native nations. We are all over the country, from north to south and east to west. We are not monolithic in the ways we speak, dress, govern, or, in the stories we tell. Things like a "Native American Zodiac" obscure and collapse who we are, and they encourage ignorance!

As I look at the 
"Native American Zodiac" 
I wonder who made it?! 

To someone unfamiliar with Native peoples and our nations, histories, and cultures, it might seem cool, but to those who know, it is bogus.

I view it as akin to New Age appropriation and misrepresentation of Native ways of being and urge you to reject it, AND, if it pops up on your social media, let your friends, family, and colleagues who are sharing it know that it is bogus.


Gabriele Bianchetti said...

And also, it is pretty improbable (and ridiculous) that the signs match exactly with the 'Western' ones, in terms of dates.

Beverly Slapin said...

Oh, retch! Bet there's $$$$ being made here.

Midnightlynx said...

Yep. Several books by Kenneth Meadows.

Midnightlynx said...

The whole thing was invented by a British man, Kenneth Meadows, in 1989. He's published several books on it.

Gabriele Bianchetti said...

Kenneth Meadows... an expert in shamanism.
I've read there's nothing such as shamanism in Native North America. Is that so?

abkasti said...

Gabriele Bianchetti . I dont think it is so strange as the signs and their beginning, eg. Aries starts when there is spring eclipse around the 22 march. Same goes for summmer solstice. and winter solstice at 22 December, that date (22 Dec.) btw falls very near the date when Orion belt ( the the six stars, dont remember) is straight above our head.

abkasti said...

While I do understand the Articles premisses, that the different native tribes is different, with a different sets of 'religious' rules or beliefs.
AS an European, astrologer and long time interest in Native culture and spirituality.
I may say that there is a lot of the Myths and folklore, and spirituality, who seem to be very much alike from tribe to tribe.
That spans from the Hopi to Lakote to Aztec and Mayas.
Yes there is diffences, but to me at last, they mostly look like deviations, who might be made to mark affiliations with a tribe, rather than being totally different in culture.
And also it might be time for American Natives to stand together and unite rather than fight each others.

Mrs. A. Grant said...

I knew the second I saw the post pop up on my feed that it was nonsense. It was hard to find someone saying it was bogus though! As an aside, I’d like to point out that Native Americans were and largely still are spread out in the entire American continents, North to South, not just in the US. So the diversity in culture, languages etc is obviously enormous.

Unknown said...

Thank you I did no that I will pass it on