Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Navajo Nation's First Poet Laureate: Luci Tapahonso

Does your library have Luci Tapahonso's Blue Horses Rush In on your YA or adult fiction or poetry shelves?

Is her Songs of Shiprock Fair on your picture book shelves?

If they're not, order them next time you're buying books. By coincidence or design, the rich covers of Blue Horses Rush In and Songs of Shiprock Fair convey the depth and brilliance of Tapahonso's writing. She writes from experience. Tapahonso is Dine (Navajo). She grew up in Shiprock, New Mexico. You can bet that the poems you read in Songs of Shiprock Fair are rooted in her actually being there--not once, or twice, but many times. She went to school at the University of New Mexico. One of my favorite stories in Blue Horses Rush In is about being a student at UNM. I went to UNM, too. I completely 'get' that story.

Tapahonso's writing has received many awards, but recognition from ones immediate community is, perhaps, the most meaningful. Tapahonso has been named as the Navajo Nation's first Poet Laureate. With affirmation from her tribal nation, you know your purchase of her books is a good choice.


Judith Edwards Moses said...

I received both of my degrees from UNM (1988)and Luci was one of my professors. I highly recommend all of her works--when I read them, I can still remember how they sound being read by her. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had and certainly one of the most talented writers. I am now in charge of the three libraries on the Colville reservation and you can bet we have her works on our shelves.

Beverly Slapin said...

BLUE HORSES RUSH IN and SONGS OF SHIPROCK FAIR, both not “only” for young people, are two of my favorite books, and Luci Tapahonso is an amazing poet with a beautiful, gentle spirit. Congratulations, Luci, on a most important honor.