Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New website: Chickasaw TV

One of the very best things teachers and librarians can do is to select a single tribe and learn all they can about it. Going in-depth with a single tribe provides you with a depth of knowledge that will help you recognize bias, stereotyping, and errors in materials about other tribes. This is especially important as school districts across the United States implement the Common Core and increase their use of nonfiction materials. It is vital that students get the very best out there.

Today, I highly recommend you visit Chickasaw TV. Here's a screenshot:

At Chickasaw TV you can choose from several different channels:

  • Government
  • Commerce
  • News
  • History and Culture
  • Language
  • Cultural Center
  • Arts and Creativity
  • Destinations
  • People

This is a primary source! There is no reason to rely on biased or outdated information in standard encyclopedias! Check out Chickasaw TV today. 


Christine said...

Wow! What a great website! I can't wait to show this to teachers, students, and families! Thanks for sharing, Debbie!

Lauren Schraad said...

Thanks Debbie and Christine for sharing the network with educators, students, family and friends. It truly is a wonderful resource with a wealth of information about Chickasaw history, culture, people and news.