Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Copies of books in TUSD libraries?

[Note: A chronological list of links to AICL's coverage of the shut-down of the Mexican American Studies Department at Tucson Unified School District is here. Information about the national Mexican American Studies Teach-in is here. The best source for daily updates out of Tucson is blogger David Abie Morales at Three Sonorans.]

Yesterday's press release from the Tucson Unified School District states that books used in the Mexican American Studies classes are still available to students through their libraries.

There are over 1,000 students in the classes. Now, I doubt that 1,000 students would head over to the library to check out Rethinking Columbus, but I wondered how many copies there are in the libraries.  It was easy to find out. Their library databases are online. Here's what I found (I wasn't able to access the database at Southwest Alternative High):

Catalina High has 0 copies
Cholla High has 1 copy
Howenstine High School has 0 copies
Palo Verde has 0 copies
Project M.O.R.E. School has 1 copy
Pueblo High has 2 copies
Rincon/University High has 0 copies
Sabino High has 0 copies
Sahuaro High has 0 copies
Santa Rita High has 0 copies
Tucson High has 0 copies

Amongst the TUSD high school libraries, there are 4 copies of Rethinking Columbus.

Perhaps, as I write, the librarians are entering additional copies (the ones taken from the classrooms) into their databases... Anybody know? Are those boxed copies being put on library shelves?

AICL Coverage of Arizona Law that resulted in shut down of Mexican American Studies Program and Banning of Books


jpm said...

Good detective work!!!!

Sheena Louise Roetman said...

This is great journalism! Thank you for being so dedicated to this.