Friday, July 15, 2011

CHICKADEE, Erdrich's next book in BIRCHBARK HOUSE series

Back in May, Louise Erdrich blogged about Chickadee, the next book in the Birchbark House series. In it, Erdrich writes, Omakayas and her family have moved onto the Great Plains:
I realized that for the sake of this book series we had to move there around 1866.  This is a fascinating year for all sorts of reasons, but for the main character, Chickadee, it is a year of unusual adventure.   Some odd things happen to Chickadee.  He challenges a man named Skunk.  He is kidnapped by two brutish louts who want a servant.  He learns to cook a wretched concoction called bouyah.  Chickadee runs away from well meaning but heartless missionaries.  He learns to survive completely alone in the woods helped by his namesake, the chickadee, who teaches him a song that can heal.  There is lots more, including a visit to Saint Paul, the first city he has ever seen, and composed at the time of shacks, pubs, treeless mansions, and lots of trading companies.  
I'm definitely intrigued. In comments, Erdrich says the book will be out in November of 2012. In the meantime, you might want to get the first three and read (or reread) them. Consider getting signed paperback copies from Erdrich's store, Birchbark Books.

The Birckbark House 

The Game of Silence

The Porcupine Year


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting news - now the only problem is having to wait a whole year to read the book!

Angela Erdrich said...

Chickadee, Book #4 is almost here!!!!! I am holding an advanced reader's copy and even Louise's drawings bring tears to my eyes. I know how long she has been working on this book between all of her other projects and she does all of the illustrations too. Deb, maybe I can get you one.

Debbie Reese said...

Thanks, Angela. I'll send you my address via email.

Unknown said...

Awesome! Really looking forward to reading the next book. Omakayas is legend. Reading her story to my daughter rocks. Nga mihi mahana mai i Aotearoa (Warmest regards from New Zealand).

Unknown said...

It's been forever since I've read from the Birchbark series. The last time I read it was when I was nine. I am thirteen now, and looking forward to the new books. I have been looking for this series ever since I started.