Friday, April 15, 2011

Audio archive of "An Indigenous Scholar's Use of Social Media"

On Wednesday (two days ago) I gave a lecture at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science. It was cosponsored by the Community Informatics Initiative and the Center for Children's Books.

The talk itself is titled "An Indigenous Scholar's Use of Social Media." The audio recording and slides I used are available at GSLIS Lectures. Please note: The slide with "Skype" across the top has a typo at the bottom. "Florida Illinois State" should be "Florida" on one line and "Illinois State" on the next line.  (As I made edits and created new slides the morning of the presentation, my computer blue-screened. As you'll hear at the top of the audio, I gave a shout out to Sarah Park for pointing me to Dropbox a few months ago. Thanks to Sarah and Dropbox, I didn't have to start all over. But I didn't catch this typo.)

I ended my presentation by playing the Google Search Story video I made a few months ago. Each time I show that video, I learn that people in the audience created one for their own site. Case in point: Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert added one to his blog, Beyond the Mesas. Take a look at Matt's video. Matt's is enrolled with the Hopi Tribe in Arizona.


Suzi said...

Hey Debbie! Short note: the link to your Google Story actually goes to the other Google Story — it's great to see his, but I want to see yours too sometime. - Suzi

Debbie Reese said...

Thanks, Suzi. I fixed the error.