Sunday, June 27, 2010


Flipping channels this morning, I paused on Cartoon Network when I saw two little mice in feathered headbands...  Did a little research, and found the episode, "Two Little Indians." Watch the video below.  It's all there...  All the stereotypical imagery...  Made in 1952, being shown--and taught--to children. Today. With this imagery being recycled, it is no surprise that little progress is made with regard to getting rid of it. 


Lya said...

Oh dear lord the puffing on the pipe at the end. This makes me all kinds of sad.

This might not be too relevant, but have you ever seen the 1997 made-for-TV Disney movie Jungle 2 Jungle staring Tim Allen? This Tom & Jerry got me thinking about the representation of indigenous people in "civilized" society, and in that movie Tim Allen's son has been raised by an unidentified South American tribe and comes to live with him in Manhattan, and shenanigans ensue. And Tim Allen's son is white, but they do spend quite a bit of time in ... the Amazon? I think that's where the kid's from. Anyway I wanted to bring this film to your attention in case you hadn't heard of it yet.

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