Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Erdrich does THRILLER

On Louise Erdrich's blog is a video of Erdrich, staff of her store, and people in the neighborhood, doing Jackson's zombie dance. Fun! At her site, it says she's in the back...  I can't spot her. Can you?

Click on over to her store, Birchbark Books, and buy a copy of Birchbark House! And, get a copy of The Game of Silence and Porcupine Year, too.


Anonymous said...

kind of hard to tell with the costumes and makeup which zombie might be Erdrich!! I can't believe they all memorized a seven minute dance - that's really amazing.

Betty T

Rob said...

What about the woman with long dark hair in the white blouse and the long paisley dress? You can see her around the 5:20 mark.