Friday, November 20, 2009

Dene writer blogs about HOUSE OF NIGHT

Sending you to "displaced Dene," a blog run by Tenille Campbell. She's got some things to say about the House of Night series... New link to Tenille Campbell's post about the House of Night series. (And thanks to Jennie for pointing me to the new link. Note: Link changed on April 26, 2011.)

Tenille Campbell is Dene (First Nations) from Northern Saskatchewan. From reading her site, I gather Campbell is studying writing at the University of British Columbia with the AWESOME Richard Van Camp. Regular readers know I think Richard's work is terrific. If I'm not mistaken, Nicola I. Campbell also studied writing with Richard. As noted earlier today, Nicola's book, Shin-chi's Canoe just won a major literature prize. So! We should keep an eye out for Tenille Campbell. She says that Richard has a new comic book out...  I should follow up on that!


Tenille said...

Thanks for the blog shout out. I've loved you blog since it points me in the right direction for some relevant YA/Aboriginal characters when I needed help. Love it.

Jennie said...

It looks like Tenille's site has moved (it's so pretty!)

Here's a new link to her House of Night review:

Thank you so much for pointing me there! Your words and hers on this series have been VERY helpful to me!

Debbie Reese said...

Thanks, Jennie. I'll made the change right away.

Sam Jonson said...

Debbie, Tenille's site has sadly gone down. That link wasn't stored on the Wayback Machine, but here's one containing her review that was stored:
here. To find it quickly, use Ctrl+F and type book review, and you will be scrolled down to the book review.