Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Joseph Bruchac's biography of Jim Thorpe to be adapted into documentary

An August 22, 2009 article in the Times News in Lehighton, Pennsylvania says that Joseph Bruchac's biography of Jim Thorpe is being adapted into a documentary for PBS. Bruchac wrote two books about Thorpe. The first, a picture book, was published in 2004 is Jim Thorpe's Bright Path. Two years later, Bruchac's Jim Thorpe: Original All-American came out. I have not read either one (yet).

Both were favorably reviewed. I'll keep an eye out for more news on the documentary. An Olympic medalist, Thorpe was Sauk and Fox. There's a lot of material at the film's website: Jim Thorpe.


Debbie Reese said...

This is a test... Comment form on my course blogs is not working.

jpm said...

hi. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the Jim Thorpe story.

neoletti said...

I am very interested in hearing what you think about this, because I live near, and have an office in, the town named Jim Thorpe, which is named so because he is buried there and as such there is a lot about him. However, I don't know how much is hype and how much is true. The town (merchants and politicians) works with his family to try to ensure proper 'festivals' and such but I just expanded into this town and don't know much about it yet. The film is a big deal around here.