Thursday, June 19, 2008

Addition to the site

Meyer's Twilight, Mikaelsen's Spirit Bear, Alexie's Diary. These and other books get a lot of attention on this site. To help you find all the posts on each of these books, I'm adding a new section to the site. It's way at the bottom. It is called "CLUSTERS." It'll take a while to add all the books and all the links for each title. To start, I added the links to discussions of Caddie Woodlawn. I hope it makes the site more user-friendly. When you have specific troubles with the site, please let me know! Trouble, suggestions for improvement, etc. I do this site for you, so I need (and use) your feedback to improve the layout of the site.

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Betsy McEntarffer said...

Your site is the best! I don't get on as often as I'd like but always check your site for books we are wondering about. Have you seen the book, "Priscilla and the Hollyhocks" by Anne Broyles (Charlesbridge, ©2008)? We are trying to review it for our October MOSAIC exhibit of new, positive MC titles and are having trouble documenting the purchase of a Black slave by a Cherokee family in Georgia in the mid-1830's. There is an author's note but she gives no actual sources of her information. If you have read it or know of someone who could shed some light on this for us we would appreciate it very much. Betsy McEntarffer, Media Services, Lincoln Public Schools, 5901 'O' St., Lincoln, NE 68510