Saturday, October 13, 2007

Alexie's YA Novel Nominated for National Book Award

Editors Note on Feb 25, 2018: Please see my apology about promoting Alexie's work. --Debbie


Sherman Alexie's outstanding YA novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, was nominated for a National Book Award in the category, Young People's Literature. The finalist list was released on Wednesday.

In that category, Louise Erdrich's Birchbark House was nominated in 1999.

I think the winner will be announced mid November...

Visit Alexie's website for reviews and info, and a link to an mp3 audio excerpt of the book. Yes, he is the reader of the audio book.

The photo I uploaded is from the press page of his website. Curious... the photo on the publisher's website is a reverse image of the same photo!

Update, Sunday, October 14th:
  • Beverly Slapin's review of the book was posted here on Wed, April 15, 2007. Click here to read her review.
  • I posted links to newspaper articles on September 16, 2007. Click here to go to the list.
  • Roger Sutton, editor at Horn Book, reviewed the book in September. Read his review here.

With November approaching---the month that features and confines us (American Indians) as people of the past---Alexie's book will counter that misperception. Get your copies from Oyate.

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Saints and Spinners said...

Hurrah for Alexie! I'm just thrilled about this. For people who hope Alexie will write other Young Adult novels, Flight isn't targeted for that audience per se, but I would definitely recommend it for YA readers.