Wednesday, July 25, 2007

THOMAS KING lectures on-line

If you know Thomas King's A Coyote Columbus Story, you might be interested in listening to him on line.

In the last weeks, the Australian aboriginal radio program, "Awaye," has been broadcasting a series of Massey Lectures given by King in 2003. Two segments on line are:

King's novels are terrific. There are several weeks left in the summer. Add one to your summer reading list, and scoot it to the one you read next. They are:

  • Medicine River
  • Green Grass, Running Water
  • Truth and Bright Water

They'd work well in a senior high school lit class. Listen to the segment on line, but read his novels, too, and his most recent book, The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative. All are available from the non-profit organization, Oyate.

Some years ago, King had a radio program called Dead Dog Cafe. Get them, too, from Oyate.

(Note: Thanks to Ashley T., a student at UIUC. I made my way to the King segments after reading quotes from Million Porcupines on her Facebook page.)

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Gabriele Bianchetti said...

I finally read 'Green Grass, Running Water', and I think it's a great book. I really like King's writing style, and his use of Native and European cultural elements is very creative. I haven't understood the whole book, but I think it's because of King's voluntary ambiguity, which leaves space for speculations and discussions. 'A Columbus Coyote Story' left me with similar questions. This is not a fault, but another element of richness of this author. Highly recommended to ANYONE.