Monday, May 30, 2022

Questions about Liam McDonald (author of middle grade book, TRUE HISTORY: INDIGENOUS AMERICA)

On Friday, May 27, 2022 at 11:08 AM Native America Calling shared the following announcement about Liam McDonald, who was scheduled to be their guest that day:
We acknowledge we didn't adequately research the controversy over Liam McDonald's (OPLIAM) tribal affiliation claims before framing our Friday (May 27) show as a celebration of his music. 

We regret not grasping the controversy sooner.

Once we learned of it, we hoped to reframe the discussion and have him answer criticisms about those claims.

We feel that discussion is important and informational for everyone.

Unfortunately, McDonald decided against participating in that forum, so we're forced to change directions in the immediate future.

We hope to schedule another day so McDonald and his critics can air out what appear to be very legitimate questions about his purported Mohawk identity, and the importance of referring to identity in the most accurate and authentic way possible. 

I listen to the show--and recommend it--as a way people can learn more about Native peoples. Many topics there can help editors be more adept at editing Native content in books. 

Additional information was shared in Native social media. I learned that McDonald has a middle grade book coming out on August 30 from Penguin Random House's "Workshop" imprint. That book is titled True History: Indigenous America. 

I have not seen the book yet. Like the people at Native America Calling, I think McDonald has to address these criticisms. To me, it does not matter how well the book may be written. An author's integrity is fundamental to providing young people with books with Native content. 

Here's a screen capture of Native America Calling's announcement:



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