Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Not Recommended: LOVING VS VIRGINIA by Patricia Hruby Powell

Eds. note: The wrong draft of my review of Powell's book was inadvertently published on Jan 10, 2018. It is being deleted in its entirety. The final draft is being closely scrutinized before publication. 

I extend my deepest apologies to Powell for the error. 



Wendy said...

From this review, it seems that Jeter referred to herself in a letter to the ACLU as "part Negro + part Indian," but that Powell changes it in her fictional letter to the attorney general to "Negro and Indian." But in your analysis, you say:

"Jeter said 'I am Negro and Indian.' Powell's imagined letter says 'part Negro' and 'part Indian.' Those are not the same thing."

Clearly Powell changed the language, but to avoid confusion, I suggest an edit to reflect the correct direction of the change.

Reviews like this are why I follow this site. As a white woman, I have only heard great things about this book, which I was planning to read soon. I would have missed the problems with Powell's interpretation and taken the "documentary" nature of her book at face value. Thank you for pushing the dialogue further.

Debbie Reese said...

Thank you, Wendy. I inadvertently posted the wrong draft of the review. I've deleted it and offered my apology to Powell for the error.